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D.1.1 Bike-Friendly Culture


Conduct community outreach. Research, develop and implement an active transportation plan that includes construction of (and signage for) safe, well-placed and attractive bike lanes and amenities throughout the downtown. 


Active transportation, including bicycle riding, is a healthy, environmentally friendly, affordable, and fun way to make your journey to work, to shop, to play and to get back home again. If you use public transportation, sometimes you’ll need your bike to take you that “final mile” home from the train or bus. Main Street districts that have a bike-friendly culture enjoy improved safety, economic benefits and increased access to mobility options, overall vibrancy and foot traffic for your businesses. 

  • Conduct research and hold community outreach events regarding the needs and desires for active transportation downtown. 
  • Develop a master plan that includes bike lanes or bike corridors which link to multi-modal transit, housing, & employment centers, and connect downtown to other trails (if applicable).
  • Implement the plan. Construct protected bike lanes in your district using attractive visual contrast.
  • Conveniently locate bike racks in multiple locations throughout the Main Street district.
  • Develop and implement and plan for advertising available transportation options.

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