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O.9.3 Volunteer Recognition


Established or strengthen volunteer recognition program(s).


Volunteers offer their time and talents to an organization for many different reasons.  In most cases it is because they want to give back to their community.  Also, in most cases, they’re not looking for any type of public recognition but rather they derive their satisfaction in knowing that they contributed and made a difference.

In other cases, companies, businesses, and organizations commit volunteer support from their staff and employees as a way of supporting their community. 

In any event, it is important to recognize all volunteers for their efforts.


Volunteers should be recognized at least annually.  This can be done in a published annual report or with an annual volunteer recognition event.  In some cases, an annual Board meeting can be the mechanism to also recognize volunteers.  Board members themselves are volunteers as well but should also be aware of others who have made an impact to the organization throughout the year.

Main Street Management Assessment Rubric

Scoring Standards
  • There is an annual volunteer recognition event.
  • Volunteers are recognized regularly through communication channels.
  • Volunteers are thanked in-person.
  • There is an annual volunteer recognition event.
  • Volunteers are thanked in-person.
  • There is an annual volunteer recognition event.
  • There is no formal volunteer recognition.

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