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O.8.2 Communication Consistency


Establish or strengthen the consistency of using communication channels.


Effective messaging and communication requires a consistent approach and is conducive to a successful organization.  Supporters are more inclined to continue with their support when they can rely on consistent reporting of information through viable and accessible sources and media options.


Assess all organizational options for disseminating information and look to improve gaps and inconsistencies.


CMSC Professional Affiliates

Main Street Management Assessment Rubric

Scoring Standards

Essential Channels: Social media, Newsletter, Website

Nice-to-Have Channels: Newspaper, Webinars, Radio, TV, Blogs, Live presentations, Paid print ads, Paid digital ads

  • Essential channels are updated daily to monthly.
  • Nice-to-have channels are used monthly to quarterly.
  • Essential channels are updated weekly to quarterly.
  • Nice-to-have channels are used quarterly.
  • Essential channels are updated monthly to yearly.
  • Nice-to-have channels are used yearly.
  • Essential channels are not regularly updated and may be only updated yearly.
  • Nice-to-have channels are rarely used, if ever.

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