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O.5.1 Program Budget


Develop a budget that adequately supports your district’s revitalization.


The management and maintenance of a downtown district, main street, or city center typically comes with associated costs for paid professional staffing, related projects derived from work plans and strategic planning, as well as other related fees and costs associated with resources and memberships.  Having an established, attainable, and approved budget is the pathway to accomplishing program goals and managing a successful program.


The first step is to make an itemized list of all the possible expenses and costs that would be associated with operations, management, and projects. This might include items such a payroll, insurance, rents, utilities, supplies, communications, project costs, and other related expenses. 

Next is to identify and itemize all possible revenue sources such as municipal support, fundraising, grants, and donations.  Ideally, the goal would be to balance expenses with revenue.


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