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D.6.1 Building Façades


Develop initiatives and/or programs to improve the appearance of building façades.


Many downtown districts have historic and older buildings that need façade improvements and renovations.  Ensuring that buildings are well maintained, restored and safe for access and occupancy should be the goal.  In addition, keeping the buildings restored and updated according to standards and guidelines will add equity to the building, enhance the downtown visual appearance and experience and promote more development and investment. The process, however, could at times be cumbersome and costly.  To encourage responsible stewardship of district buildings, façade rehabilitation and improvement programs should be enacted.  This should include the allocation of dedicated funds, derived from various sources, that can be used as matching grants to encourage building owners to act.


When dealing with historic buildings, it will be necessary to refer to the Secretary of Interior Standards and Guidelines for rehabilitating historic buildings.  Also, a specific application process should be created that includes a review and approval process and clear instructions on building owner requirements.

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