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V.2.5 Property Owner Engagement

V.2.5 Property Owner Engagement


Improve engagement with your district’s property owners.


Property owners are critical stakeholders in your downtown district. In the ideal world, property owners are partners and collaborators. Absentee, apathetic, or confrontational property owners can be detrimental to the progress of a district. The goal here is to develop strong relationships with your property owners. You want to engage with them regularly and consistently, not just when you want something or have a problem.


Tactics to help build relationships with your property owners:

  • Send a quarterly newsletter specific to property owners
  • “Walk the streets” to meet with property owners one-on-one on Main Street
  • Have a least one property owner be on your Board of Directors or Advisory Board
  • If you have a star property owner, work them to influence other property owners


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