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Downtown Light Pole Banners

A Versatile, Effective Medium for Promotion, Wayfinding & Streetscape Enhancement 

Those colorful vertical banners that can be seen on light poles throughout many municipalities are known by several different names. These banners are commonly referred to as Light Pole Banners, Avenue Banners, Lamp Post Banners, or more simply, Pole Banners.

These banners are utilized by thousands of municipalities across the country for a variety of different purposes, including streetscape revitalization, wayfinding, and promotional efforts. Due to the high visibility of these vertical banners and the sheer number of poles in any setting, the impact of a well-designed light pole banner program can be quite significant.


Light Pole Banner programs can be used for promoting a variety of distinct aspects of not only the downtown area but also the community at large. The artistic and customizable nature of a light pole banner design offers the opportunity to highlight the unique characteristics, livability, attractions, and offerings of a community in a compelling message that is visually exciting and highly visible. Many downtown light pole banner programs incorporate a sponsorship opportunity where businesses, looking to promote their products or services, can have their business name and/or logo imprinted on the banner. Some banner programs are specifically designed to advertise and attract attention to downtown businesses with colorful artwork and welcoming messages such as “Shop, Dine, Unwind,” or “Eat, Drink, Play, & Shop.”

Here are some Downtown Banner designs, showing the various themes and messaging that communities have used. All these designs can be customized and/or modified to meet the requirements of any downtown banner initiative.


Because of the proximity of light poles and their visibility, many downtown settings utilize light pole banners with various wayfinding and/or directional messages. Depending on the scope of the project, some strategically placed light poles may bear colorful banners with arrows directing traffic to various locations, whether a specific retail area, parking, or a particular place such as a museum, Town Hall, or Shopping District, for example. These specific-use banners can be designed as part of an overall downtown banner project and can display the main design theme for continuity, with the addition of specific wayfinding messages where applicable. Many downtown districts utilize light pole banners for wayfinding purposes in lieu of the more common, generic aluminum printed signs, for their aesthetic appeal and ability to contribute to the character of a downtown setting.

Streetscape Enhancement 

Clearly one of the key initiatives in support of any downtown redevelopment or revitalization program is to promote the location to as wide an audience as possible, while attracting and increasing both local and visitor engagement. The “Shop Local” and “Small Business Saturdays” type programs are designed to increase awareness and promote the myriad businesses and their products and services available in a downtown setting. One aspect of this vital messaging campaign is to highlight all the features and benefits of supporting local businesses, such as keeping revenue dollars in the community, access to a wide range of unique products and services, and how such patronage can contribute to the livability, vitality, and sustainability of the community at large. Well-designed, high-quality light pole banners can play a key role in supporting this messaging campaign with high-impact and visually exciting designs that can inspire and add to the beautification of any downtown setting.

Types of Light Pole Banners 

Similar to online digital marketing efforts designed to attract as many “eyeballs” as possible, wherever there is a light pole, there is an opportunity to promote, advertise and attract “eyeballs” as well. Light pole banner programs are extremely cost effective, high-impact marketing tools that can deliver high return-on-investment outcomes. These popular banners are highly customizable and are available in several styles to fit every marketing campaign and budget.

Material Promotions, Inc., a specialty banner manufacturing company based in Waterbury, CT offers three styles of light pole banners to meet the needs of any downtown revitalization campaign. The company offers free consultation to its customers to guide them through the process of selecting and designing the most appropriate banner style for their needs. Customers can view a gallery of designs for ideas and inspiration and choose a specific design as a base template that they would like to have customized for their needs. Additionally, a banner design can be developed and created from scratch in collaboration with their in-house graphic designers.

Many downtowns, especially those that identify as “historic” districts often choose the more traditional, classic look of screen-printed canvas banners which complement the character and “feel” of these unique downtown settings.

For customers that want the same look and feel of traditional banners but have multiple full-color artwork designs, digitally printed canvas banners are an excellent option. For shorter-term banner programs, the less expensive, and more common digitally printed vinyl banners are available as well.

This information sheet compares the different banner styles while highlighting their features and benefits.


Light pole banners are an effective marketing tool for advertising, promoting, and enhancing any downtown setting.  They are highly customizable, cost effective and come in a variety of materials and styles to meet the needs of any campaign or budget.

About the Author

Peter Bove, President and founder of Material Promotions Inc., began his manufacturing career as the Operations Manager for the world’s preeminent custom sailmaking company, Northsails. After a long successful stint overseeing the production of high-tech racing sails for customers competing in world-class yacht racing venues, he transitioned to the printing industry. After many successful years managing operations for high-end printing companies, he opened his own company in 2007 and has never looked back!

Material Promotions Inc., a light pole banner specialty printing company, is available to consult and answer any questions you may have regarding either your own existing banner program or a brand-new banner program under consideration.  They can be reached by phone at 888-757-8908. To learn more about the company you can visit their website at

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