Our members make great downtowns.

The CMSC network includes communities from across Connecticut. Membership is divided into two over-arching categories: Designated Main Street Programs and Member Communities.

Designated Programs are communities with a professionally managed downtown including a board of directors and chief executive officer, and often additional staff. These organizations must adhere to national standards before receiving Designated Main Street status.

Member Communities are qualified municipalities and non-profit organizations that are effective in establishing and maintaining partnerships in an effort to bring their main streets back to life. CMSC’s member communities are comprised of:

  • Member Communities – Qualified municipalities and non-profit organizations that work to maintain and rejuvenate their main street districts.
  • Regional Members – Communities participate in CMSC membership through an umbrella organization that represents a specific region.
  • Downtown Improvement Districts – In some towns, business owners within a specified area of the downtown form a group to govern their activities related to revitalizing the area.

CMSC helps all of its members analyze core issues and set attainable objectives through education and training, resources, tools and advocacy.