Wednesday, January 31, 2018
11:00 am - 12:00 pm

CivicLift is a community hub for discovering events, connecting businesses to customers, and for keeping residents engaged.


Founder/CEO Evan Dobos will be with us to walk us through CivicLift, with examples of Connecticut communities that are benefiting from this easy-to-use resource.

Imagine a single resource that speaks to everything good your community has to offer. Every upcoming event, every place to shop or dine, every exciting announcement. Now, imagine that resource powered by the people who actually live and work there. This is CivicLift.

Our cities and towns have abundant assets and qualities that can engage residents, but all too often they are too hard to find and to market. CivicLift removes that barrier, taking all these moving parts and creating a single, all-inclusive channel (free to the public) to find information and promote community lifestyle – at low cost to your municipality or nonprofit organization.

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Winner of: the HYPE Entrepreneurship Award, “Quality of Life” Challenge (Madrid, Spain), the Social Enterprise Challenge, and the Community Impact Award.